Diy how to build a deck cover

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Building a Roof Over a Deck or Patio

In addition to roof slope, you also need to take into account rafter span, rafter size, and rafter spacing. Cedar wood treatment I used cedar planking for the decking and because it's not exposed to the weather I didn't treat it. We have a space in our back yard that needs something like this in the biggest way. First Name optional. What about a TV?

diy how to build a deck cover

But for those of you who have trouble with cutting angles and getting them to fit there is a solution, brackets. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Nathan!

How to Build a DIY Covered Patio

The rain would flow from the deck roof onto the house roof and into the existing gutters. I didn't build a new deck right away.

diy how to build a deck cover

Set the pier blocks so that the post will rest against the inside surface of the deck's support frame. If I was to do it again though I would cut them so they ran up to the gutter and let the Tuff Tex roofing hang over the gutter. I am sure you could tilt it forward and add a gutter to the front if you feel that there would be too much water added to your roof drainage system.

diy how to build a deck cover

I used galvanized post anchors to secure the posts to the slab. Next, I installed 1x6 cedar fascia and 1x2 drip edge on both sides and front of the roof.

diy how to build a deck cover

If you're handy with carpentry, which I'm not, you won't have any trouble. These comfy blue chaise lounges featured in the backyard of the HGTV's Property Brothers offers a spot for relaxing by the pool and courtyard. We also found that it was important that the plastic roofing meet up shingles to avoid splatter and wind driven rain getting through to the patio.

Patio Cover Plans

While lag bolting the posts to your patio with L brackets or putting them on buried peer pads like I did is adequate, if I was doing it again, I would sink and cement my posts. Once the cross supports are in place you can install the rafters. Once the rafters were in place and secured to the 2x4 nailer and the 4x6 beam, I measured from the house along the top of one of the end rafters and made a mark at 9' 10".

The support posts can be attached to an existing deck in the same way.

diy how to build a deck cover

A cheery striped awning covers the poolside cabana of this contemporary California home.