Country artists who are christians

His show ran on radio for nine years before moving to television from 1951 through 1957.

country artists who are christians

God bless! I think when we get to heaven we'll all be surprised.... I will ask that Jesus will come into my life and be my Lord and Saviour.

country artists who are christians

At the invitation I sat up and turned to Dale. You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world.

Which Country Artists are Christians?

Barbara says God has given her the most marvelous life. Christian Country Artists. Roy Claxton Acuff was an American country music singer, fiddler, and promoter.

country artists who are christians

Brooke can't remember a time when she wasn't singing. I receive Jesus to take control of my life that I may live for Him from this day forth. Martina has talked about her faith before.

These celebrities are devoutly Christian — and you probably didn't realize it

We have to forgive, which means forget. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving me with your precious blood.

country artists who are christians

In his later years, Rogers lent his name to the Roy Rogers Restaurants franchised chain. Share 1.

15 Country Music Legends Who Found Jesus

One thing that has constantly stood out is the singer's openness about his faith in Jesus. Since country music is so interwoven with gospel music, it seems that almost every country artist sings a gospel song or two.

The Gospel Selection. But never for a moment do I give credit or claim any myself.