Bulb wreath how to make

bulb wreath how to make

Next, wrap tinsel garland around the wreath, securing at the beginning, halfway point, and end of the wreath with U pins on the back side. The more the merrier is Hannah's philosophy when it comes to color. Display your wreath by either hanging it up on hooks or nails with the wire loops you created.

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Make the Wreath. Other Options You can make a smaller version of this wreath using a smaller wreath form and smaller-scale bulbs. Comments Add a comment.

bulb wreath how to make

I like all those vibrant colors. Keep all the caps that you find from broken ornaments and take them off.

bulb wreath how to make

You can always put a cap in another ornament. Or, string wide ribbon through the loops and connect the ends with a bow. First, create a loop or multiple loops for hanging by wrapping 20-gauge wire around the wreath and twisting. Make sure the cap is really secure on the ornament.

Start pinning bulbs to the wreath one-by-one with U pins.

bulb wreath how to make

What You Need 18-inch straw wreath form 2 20-foot lengths of two-inch wide tinsel garland U pins 120 2-in. If you're hanging the wreath in a high-traffic area or just want to make sure it lasts through storage until next year, opt for shatterproof ornaments or a ready-made ornament wreath from Martha Stewart Living's holiday collection at The Home Depot.

The finished ornament wreath makes a festive statement, but the project won't wipe out your holiday budget. Cut to desired length with a wire cutter.

bulb wreath how to make

Start in one section and evenly disperse ornaments by color around the wreath. New This Month. And what better way to combine these interests than with an ornament wreath?

Also, instead of using pins, you can hot glue ornaments — especially broken ones — directly to the straw wreaths, which take glue very well.

Get even more creative this holiday season with our complete holiday cookie guide featuring tips and tricks on baking and decorating. I love using that combination together. Try starting at the inside of the wreath with the first ornament hitting the table and then around to the other edge, tightly nestling the balls.