Bantra police station kadamtala howrah bridge

Learned counsel very seriously challenged the seizure of the letter as well as the exercise book, especially on the ground that the witnesses to the recovery Panchnama had not supported the recoveries.

Bantra police station howrah bridge

Suffice it to state here that this evidence of PW-9 could, at the most, corroborate the prosecution case in regard to the links in the circumstantial chain provided such links have been independently established. There is another major doubt as to the place of incident as projected by the prosecution which has alleged that the incident took place at about 9 p.

bantra police station kadamtala howrah bridge

PW-22 in his evidence states on 1. The bridge is named after the 19th-century Bengali educationist reformer Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, work on the cable-stayed bridge started with the construction of the well curb on the Calcutta bank end on 3 July 1979. A perusal of the evidence of PWs.

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On the above basis, we notice that:. The ancient Greeks referred to the Indians as Indoi, which translates as The people of the Indus, the geographical term Bharat, which is recognised by the Constitution of India as an official name for the country, is used by many Indian languages in its variations.

PW-1 waited till about 9. Even after all the improvement in the recent two decades the place is not free of the usual problems with Howrah. Presidency Division is an administrative division within the Indian state of West Bengal.

bantra police station kadamtala howrah bridge

Rajabazar is a locality in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India. With a total length of 823 metres, Vidyasagar Setu is the longest cable—stayed bridge in India and it was the second bridge to be built across the Hooghly River, the first, the Howrah Bridge 3.

He claims to be a cricketer playing in Tikiapara Railway quarters' ground. In regard to PW-3, there is also an improvement in regard to the identification of accused by him.

Bantra Police Station

The first two letters indicate the state to which the vehicle is registered, the next two digit numbers are the sequential number of a district. The states cultural heritage, besides varied folk traditions, ranges from stalwarts in literature including Nobel-laureate Rabindranath Tagore to scores of musicians, film-makers and artists. He then sent his partner to the Police station to inform the Duty Officer and he started dispersing the crowd.

bantra police station kadamtala howrah bridge

It also strongly relies on letter allegedly written by A-1 to A-5. However, the services on the section were suspended with effect from 26 October 1992. Alternately, the government will merely assign plate numbers, and it is the owners responsibility to find an approved private supplier to make a plate with that number.

Bantra kadamtala howrah bridge

How then did they get PWs. Paintings at the Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra , 6th century. There had been matches earlier but those were not documented, a number of roads and streets form part of or have been linked integrally with the Esplanade for many years.

Due to heavy volume of vehicle registration, the numbers were given to the RTO offices of registration as well, the third part indicates the year of registration of the vehicle and is a 4 digit number unique to each plate.