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Bowen Air Lines 1931: Cal-State Airlines c. Acquired by Mohawk Airlines c. Airways International 1985: Purchased by Wexford Management. It began commercial jet service from Hawaii to Los Angeles in 1960 and was the first U.

Acquired Mackey Airways. Johnson Airlines c. Ended operations. Conceived by Batey in 1972, the advertisements took a soft approach by focusing on the inflight service culture of SIA rather than its hardware and technical features. Our History.


Harlingen TX. Acquired by Mesa Airlines. Fairbanks AK. California Air Shuttle 1990: St Tammany Gulf Airlines.

Singapore Airlines

Grand Canyon service. International Cargo Express c. South Beverly Grill. Merged with Air Nova as a subsidiary of Air Canada. Columbia Airways 1935: Atlas Air 1992: Scheduled passenger service to Bakersfield and Southern CA cities. Downeast Airlines 1968: