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The special world of Cadillac for 1973 ushered in the third year of this body style, and normally sales would be expected to start off strong when the new style is introduced, and then fall off somewhat each year until the next new body style is introduced.

For the first time ever, Cadillac assemblies exceeded the 300,000 mark. There are several areas of concern when searching for a 1973 Cadillac. The result was that 66 of the Cadillac owners stated the Continental Mark IV was the easier of the two to drive. GM changed its serial numbering system somewhat for 1972 to incorporate an alphabetical series code and engine type code. Disc Rear: Also check the lower areas of the front fenders and the rear quarter panels.

The Coupe deVille became the top Cadillac model, taking the title away from the Sedan deVille after many years. Hood and deck lid edges are another area that warrant close inspection.

This despite the Eldorado's expanded assortment of models, which offered a convertible model, something Lincoln hadn't offered since 1967. This made the Coupe deVille the world's most popular luxury car.

For these tests, Lincoln assembled a group of 100 Cadillac owners at the Hotel Bel-Air, a fitting place to serve as an initial meeting place.

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And again, each car was driven over the identical route. Unknown to anyone, Cadillac and the other auto makers would need these couple of good years, as events in another part of the world were about to have a big impact on the industry for 1974—especially the big, full-sized cars.

Another production record was set for 1973, as Cadillac built its five millionth car was built on June 27, 1973. These two items were of supreme importance in the luxury field, of course, and special attention was paid to the quietness of the ride and the lack of harshness while underway.

For 1973, some of Cadillac's advertising focused on owner loyalty and repeat ownership, with emphasis on statistics that showed Cadillac to have the highest repeat ownership and satisfaction of any luxury car in the land.

Cadillac's main competitor, Lincoln, had hired an independent testing firm, the Nationwide Consumer Testing Institute, to evaluate the riding comfort and driving ease of the two cars.

The digits resemble: There was no doubt that Cadillac had a far wider assortment of models to choose from, and the division had maintained its leadership role in the luxury market for many years at this point. The luxury import market was beginning to grow at this time.

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A second number appears on a tag on the rear upper portion of the cylinder block behind the intake manifold. Engine Oil: This new numbering system was used on the serial number tag and the body number plate under the hood in 1973. It would seem that once someone made that final step up to a Cadillac, they were reluctant to settle for anything less—or anything else.

The Sedan deVille and Coupe deVille both reached an historic milepost in their histories, as they surpassed the 100,000 production mark in 1973, and the Coupe deVille overtook the Sedan deVille as Cadillac's most popular model, a title the Sedan had held for many years.

Tropez Blue Firemist with optional Dark Blue vinyl roof.