1960 holt howard santa

On the back... There are two different pairs, but you are buying all four. Condition is Used. Gold Sticker On Bottom. Imagine cleaning 50-plus years of collected pan drippings out of one of these crocks—not a job for the queasy ones.

Holt Howard sticker on bottom of one. The main showroom was in New York, eventually moving to Stamford, Connecticut. Cat, Sitting, Green, Marked, 1960s. Santa Claus Face dish from Holt Howard.

Holt Howard Santas

While not a popular concept today, Holt-Howard joined other companies of the era in lowering manufacturing costs by taking production overseas.

Feb-26 09: Production of Holt-Howard ceased in 1990.

1960 holt howard santa

No cracks. The more collectible pieces include rare giftware like ashtrays, vases, and figural salt and peppers. Has paint crazing on the inside of the planter. Bob Howard—a longtime artist—did many of the designs and sketches, along with a few other artists. This hard-to-find set from 1959 is in wonderful condition except for a repair to the hat of the letter N see last two photos. Start Prev 1 2 3 4...

Pitcher, 7 Piece, Illustrated. In your inbox every Wednesday. Related Items. Home Price Guide Holt-Howard. He is approx.

Holt Howard Ceramics: Who is Holt Howard?

In excellent condition with no chips nor repai... Holt Howard Candle holder Santa Claus pair.

1960 holt howard santa

Santa is standing on an iceberg with his arms raised in celebration. Among the more popular holiday items:.

1960 holt howard santa

A company was born. These items are part of the online price guide and not for sale.