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Globally, these are dramatic times, with the recent inauguration of President Trump, Brexit in the UK and — closer to home — the ongoing political ups and downs with our own federal representatives.

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Husband of Katy woman missing while snorkeling says wife is dead

Or we might have students who start at VCAL and then halfway through leave us to do an apprenticeship. Under the Schools Agreement VGSA 2013 , you have an entitlement to request part-time work until your child reaches school age. All staff on camp have a continual duty of care, which extends to the entire time students are in your care.

We hope this magazine We also hope it propels action and change — whether it inspires you to take part in the impressive slate of AEU training, get more involved in your sub-branch, or just talk to your nonmember colleagues about why you joined the AEU and what being a union member means to you.

Fuel Type Diesel Petrol - Unleaded. What will your new lifestyle be like? Call me a bad parent.

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The vehicle has always been looked after and Garaged. But did you also know that as per Section 35 and 36 of the OHS Act 2004 Vic , the law also mandates that consultation occur whenever any significant changes are proposed at. In inner-city Melbourne, a close-knit class of Grade 5s at Collingwood College came up with their own response, and started up a feminist collective.

We gotta be number one! Of course positive thoughts have their place and their power, but I believe that using positive thoughts to deny emotions we are actually feeling is a mistake. Profoundly intimate and occasionally surreal, her musings plunge us into an ornate sensory experience of the everyday.

So, was Trump serious about rebooting a comprehensive public education system? He was noted for holding conversations for hours with individual teachers about how they could improve their practice.

Is it because they think their teachers work harder? A Q Q A You are absolutely entitled to a reduction! I wanted to come today to really defend the right of teachers to not have to hide who they are and be worried that they might lose their job.

Over the past two years, most of our successful MPB appeals have related to time fraction reduction, flexible work options and leave entitlements.

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I am the 2nd owner and I have owned the car since 2013. General enquiries 03 9417 2822 or 1800 013 379 Email melbourne aeuvic. With plans to now train as a journalist, he has since written of his experiences: In addition to your minimum seven-hour day — which can include a range of duties, such as face-to-face teaching and planning — as a full-time teacher, you may be required to attend up to two hours of meetings per week, provided that in the case of staff meetings they are held adjacent to the school day and last no longer than one hour.

The children are clearly excited about the possibilities, and passionately discuss feminist issues with a level of insight that belies their age. It really is not. This can cause confusion and distress to members who feel they have suffered from discrimination, only to find that only some discrimination is unlawful.