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Well the people have a kind of mountain man sensibility, judging by the amount of Gortex and Nordic walking poles on show. And what's normal or nice anyway once you get behind closed doors? Bramhall poster by Eric Jackson, Statement Artworks Bramhall, which is actually in Stockport but feels more like hard-core Cheshire and has a fabulous Tudor Hall to prove it, now has more gastro bars than you can shake a feta and olive brioche at. The aim is to make as much profit as possible, which is then invested in social projects.

Flex those muscles! A fine place, but not without its edge, that is catching up with next-door neighbour Altrincham in the trendiness stakes.

An excerpt from David Jones’ book “Who Cares Wins”

Blues aren't bitter! Ben explains: As for the geezer on the flying machine? Adam Braun offers an interesting lesson on how to work with volunteers effectively. Book Excerpt. Ben Ramsden has a business that is set up to make as much profit as possible, and this profit will be shared across all the stakeholders.

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia, launched more than 40 years ago, was founded with an ethical and sustainable approach, which at that time was almost unheard of.

Manchester, the great northern powerhouse.

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Now that would have been the icing on the cake for the new Wythenshawe. All these businesses have one other key component in common — they are all driven by social media. Often, at the beginning, an organisation is reliant on volunteers. My poster features an amazing Industrial Revolution crane on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal in the town centre. It's a lovely place, though, albeit mostly strung along one winding road, so it's hard to pinpoint a centre. Strike up a conversation with anyone from the Heatons, especially Heaton Moor, and you'll get: While an understandable reaction, a pilot scheme is one way of experimenting to get proof of success: New socially oriented businesses should be very careful about how the company is registered and set up in the first place.

You can buy this poster through statementartworks. Some people have accused me of being a bit parochial, a bit too obsessed with my home town and its near neighbours.