What is the best undercover boss episode

Add the first question. Undercover Boss TV Series 2011. Silva later told Nation's Restaurant News , "We closed the unit down during that Sunday night shift temporarily. Rick Forman describes it as a huge flea market with unbelievable deals.

what is the best undercover boss episode

Plot Keywords: Depending on the employee's impression, it will prove to the boss how important the job is to them. He meets with Kurtis, who tries to train Rick how to clean the smelly bathroom first. Undercover Boss - Season 4.

Edit Storyline Bosses of chain businesses go undercover to their own stores in various locations and various jobs around the store and interact with the employees. I have no idea. Modell realizes that his company has curtailed spending at the expense of his most needy employees. Kevin Sheehan, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, finds himself in uncharted territory when he's asked to lead nearly 1,000 party-goers in a line dance, and is later forced to reveal his true identity after being recognized by an employee.

Share Tweet. Forman makes stops at four key locations in his company.

what is the best undercover boss episode

We're shattering the fuck out of the glass ceiling in 2014, aren't we? Trailers and Videos. The A.

Undercover Boss

Moe's Southwest Grill President Paul Damico goes under cover and encounters a pushy restaurant supervisor. Action Crime Reality-TV. It received Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Reality Program category for each year from 2010 to 2013; winning the award for 2012 and again in 2013.

On CBS's reality show "Undercover Boss," one boss was pushed so far by the horrible behavior of a restaurant manager that he came out from undercover, revealed his identity, and shut the whole restaurant down.

Horrified 'Undercover Boss' shuts down restaurant

University of California, Riverside Chancellor Tim White goes under cover as a teaching assistant for 200 organic chemistry students, and works with the track team. The show will delve... Tell us on Facebook.

what is the best undercover boss episode

Feb 18, 2019 In this hidden-camera show an executive goes undercover in his or her own company to get a raw look at how people really work. Shelly Sun, the CEO and co-founder of BrightStar Care, a full-service, private healthcare company serving more than 10,000 families in the United States, goes undercover posing as a former administrative assistant who is now looking for a job in healthcare.

Being the subject of a Twitter firestorm of feminist rage is probably right at the top of his list to Santa this year. She learns from Sheldon that the company has no online ordering capability. He made money at flea markets as a kid, and then decided to locate his stores in unwanted inner city areas.