What is real-time bidding api

what is real-time bidding api

When choosing which protocol to use, you should consider the following details about their implementation: Talk about creating an efficient advertising ecosystem! Top-notch professionals. With this short introduction in mind here are four benefits of RTB for buying display advertising:. Some publishers can even sell their inventory without the use of RTB through methods such as programmatic guaranteed or direct.

However, this means that the publisher has added control over their inventory such as specifying which advertisers can buy their ad inventory and set the pricing. Most companies or advertisers that have ever tried to market a product or service online will be familiar with that term.

RTB optimization is no cake walk.


Documentation feedback. IAB New Ad Portfolio Support — integrating flexible aspect-ratio based ads into the bid object Video Placement Type Support — adding visibility into what type of placement a VAST video ad serving template tag is running in accordance to the IAB digital video glossary Header Bidding Support — allowing for a signal when a bid request is originated from an upstream decisioning implementation like header bidding Historic Metrics Support — whereby exchanges can pass historic metrics such as viewability or click through rate OpenRTB 2.

With bot traffic becoming an increasing concern to both the buy and sell sides, OpenRTB 2. Kean believes in the supremacy of direct publisher deals and holistic optimization as keys to effective and consistent ad revenue increases.

The Real-Time Bidding RTB Project, formerly known as the OpenRTB Consortium, assembled technology leaders from both the Supply and Demand sides in November 2010 to develop a new API specification for companies interested in an open protocol for the automated trading of digital media across a broader range of platforms, devices, and advertising solutions.

Supporting platforms such as Ad Exchanges and Supply Side Platforms are also used within the process. For more information about these macros, see Specifying Macros.

what is real-time bidding api

Real Time Bidding is an auction setting where ad impressions are sold and bought, and transactions take place in a blink of an eye. This overhaul saw a thorough review process within the OpenRTB working group and the public. Read the November 2018 Blog Post Announcement: Get my ad optimization tips and tactics delivered to your mailbox.

what is real-time bidding api

The response is in the form of a BidResponse protocol buffer. Specifications designed to support OpenRTB 3.

what is real-time bidding api

To learn how your application should interpret the bid request, see Processing the Request. Evaluate any parameter of an impression available for auction prior to purchase. Advertisers can view and manage their campaigns in real time through one dashboard and adjust bids and targeting as needed thus staying on top of results and improving performance.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) Explained – Programmatic Buying, Platforms, Ads & Networks Guide For 2019

Your ad requests will still be considered for bid without these parameters, but you should expect a lower eCPM in those instances. Technology-driven accurate pricing: API objects. With RTB and private marketplaces, publishers can sell their advertising stock with even more transparency and control. For OpenRTB 3. RTB host request.