What is radioactive decay gcse

Sources that emit beta particles must be held with long handled tongs and pointed away from the body. More about particles. To become more 'nuclear stable' the nucleus loses some energy as a burst of gamma radiation a gamma photon but the proton and neutron numbers do not change.

Beta particles have a medium penetrating power - they are stopped by a sheet of aluminium or plastics such as perspex.

what is radioactive decay gcse

Easier-Foundation Radioactivity Quiz. This is half of the remaining 5000 radioactive nuclei. Particle - A highly energetic helium nucleus , containing 2 protons and 2 neutrons.

what is radioactive decay gcse

Try here: A pair of antiparticles have the same mass but opposite electric charges. Gamma rays are waves, not particles.

Types of Radiation

Cyclotrons are a clean nuclear technology with very little radioactive waste. Note that the total mass numbers on each side of the equation must be equal to balance and similarly the atomic number totals must also be the same on each side of the nuclear equation to complete the balance.

A positron has the same mass as an electron but carries a positive charge it is the 'anti-matter' particle of the electron!

what is radioactive decay gcse

Although alpha particles cannot penetrate the skin, if it gets into the body it can ionise many atoms in a short distance. Therefore half of the original radioactive nuclei have decayed in 2 days so the half life for this radioisotope is 2 days. Nucleus changes in radioactive decay? The protons must be accelerated to enormous speeds to have enough energy to be absorbed into another nucleus, thereby raising the atomic number by 1.

what is radioactive decay gcse

Beta These are small particles with a negative charge. The same word radiation is also used for some electromagnetic waves which have not come from radioactive decay. Its the most powerful particle accelerator ever built.

It is the electron that is rejected from the nucleus at high speed that is the beta particle.

what is radioactive decay gcse

This makes it potentially extremely dangerous.