What is optus message centre number

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Tap images to toggle full detail. Trying to send an international SMS?

what is optus message centre number

If this is the case and you have a smartphone, you and your recipient may want to try an instant messaging app like Skype , or simply send them an email. Forum All Blog Forum Wiki.

what is optus message centre number

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what is optus message centre number

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If you need help recharging, here are all the easy ways you can recharge your plan. Asked a question and got an answer? Featured Blog. Forum All Blog Forum Wiki. What's up?

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what is optus message centre number

Featured Blog. Posted by Andy Retired Employee 9th Oct 2012, 11: They DO NOT gather any information about you that could be used for marketing or remember where you've been on the internet.

Samsung Galaxy note-message centre number

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what is optus message centre number

Power cycle your device If the towers in your area are not impacted by maintenance work or a network outage, turn your device off for at least one minute and then switch it back on. See all Kudoed Authors.