What is hydrogen fuel cells used for

what is hydrogen fuel cells used for

Hybrid cars have both internal-combustion engines and electric motors and switch between the two to suit the driving conditions. Now gases take up a vast amount more space than liquids or solids, so we'd need to turn the hydrogen gas into liquid hydrogen, making it easier to transport and store, by compressing it to a high pressure.

Think of the whole thing as a ham sandwich.

what is hydrogen fuel cells used for

Fuell-cell delivery trucks are beginning to appear in eco-friendly California. Most fuel cells in use today, however, use hydrogen and oxygen as the chemicals.

How Do Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Work?

Hydrogen economy: Electrolyzers and electrolysis An electrolyzer is a piece of electrochemical apparatus something that uses electricity and chemistry at the same time designed to perform electrolysis: The only waste product is the water—and that's so pure you can drink it! Learn more about electric vehicle technology here , including its potential as a nationwide oil-saving solution.

That's why fuel cells designed for vehicles use stacks of fuel cells linked together in a series. According to many experts, we may soon find ourselves using fuel cells to generate electrical power for all sorts of objects we use every day.

Fuel cells

Ford Motor Company's hydrogen fuel cell demonstration car a modified Ford Focus. Instead of slowly depleting the chemicals inside them as normal batteries do , fuel cells run on a steady supply of hydrogen and keep making electricity for as long as there's fuel in the tank.

what is hydrogen fuel cells used for

PEM fuel cells sometimes called PEMFCs are currently favored by engineers for powering vehicles, but they're by no means the only design possible. Here's what a fuel cell actually looks like. We could use solar cells to do the electrolysis of water "for free," but we could just as easily store the same energy in batteries and use those to power our cars instead.

what is hydrogen fuel cells used for

The two terminals are the pieces of bread and the electrolyte is the ham in between. All these problems, summed up, explain why battery-car advocates like Tesla's Elon Musk like to deride hydrogen cars as "fool-cell vehicles. So it's better to compare it to batteries another way of packaging and transporting energy than to gasoline a genuine fuel.

A cutting-edge, high-efficiency, solar-powered electrolyzer. Rate this page Please rate or give feedback on this page and I will make a donation to WaterAid.

what is hydrogen fuel cells used for

A5T1ED a zinc based metal fuel cell. California Fuel Cell Partnership: