What happened on march 31st 1995 toyota

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what happened on march 31st 1995 toyota

With her pouting smile, suggestive clothing and theatrical command of a microphone, Selena was often described as the Madonna of the Mexican-American world and was an idol and heartthrob on both sides of the border. Unlike Madonna, though, she also cultivated an image as a cheerful promoter of family values. Police identified the suspect as Yolanda Saldivar and said they would charge her on Saturday. Quintanilla told reporters at the hospital where his daughter died this afternoon, two hours after she was shot.

Grammy-Winning Singer Selena Killed in Shooting at Texas Motel

Selena, the 23-year-old reigning queen of the Tejano music world, was shot and killed today at a Corpus Christi motel. They're calling to reconfirm.

what happened on march 31st 1995 toyota

A concert video made of her performance is to air shortly in Mexico and on some Spanish-language stations in Texas. Saldivar was a former head of the Selena fan club who three weeks ago was fired from her job at the family's clothing boutique here, Selena, Etc.

Aguirre said. The family later moved to Corpus Christi where she became well-known in local music circles by her teen-age years and eventually became a widely known star. It is hugely popular in South Texas and elsewhere along the border.

what happened on march 31st 1995 toyota

Quintanilla described Ms. Shafer said: She was the queen of Tejano.

what happened on march 31st 1995 toyota

The killing of the star, who had won a Grammy music award last year and whose recording "Amor Prohibido" "Forbidden Love" sold 400,000 copies in the United States and many more than that in Mexico, stunned her fans and prompted almost non-stop coverage on Spanish-language radio and television stations here, in Texas's major cities and all along the Mexican border. In Mexico, her popularity was limited more to the northern border region, within what Mexicans call the onda grupera, or "group wave," a movement of norteno or "ranchera" pop groups that travel the northern and central states of the country, playing dances in the towns and concerts in the cities.

Hundreds of fans, including many weeping teen-agers, converged on the scene throughout the day, a few with tape machines that played recordings of Selena's songs as reporters' beepers and cellular phones rang almost constantly. I think that's where you get Tejano.

Shortly after 9: Maria Aguirre, a receptionist at KQQK, a popular Tejano music station in Houston, said the switchboard had been flooded with calls since the death was first announced.

She could sell out any pavilion in South Texas. News World U. She was married to Chris Perez, the lead guitarist in her band, Selena y los Dinos.

Please upgrade your browser. At the ceremonies, Selena walked away with awards for female entertainer of the year, female vocalist of the year, best record of the year and best album.

what happened on march 31st 1995 toyota

At the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a traditional celebration that turns America's fourth-largest city into a cowtown once a year, Selena was the largest-selling draw this year. Selena's father had toured nightclubs across Texas in the 1960's with the original version of Los Dinos but did not achieve wide success until he made young Selena, with her belting vocal power, the lead singer.

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