What causes epiphysitis in horses

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what causes epiphysitis in horses

The physis consists of zones comprised in sequence of layers of resting cartilage cells, proliferating cells, hypertrophic enlarging cells, and a zone of calcified cartilage. Old 11-21-2013, 01: Some exercise is great to strengthen the bones, just not vigorous activity until he is healed. The X rays might show widened irregular physis and a bony flaring of the metaphysis, as well as other manifestations.

what causes epiphysitis in horses

Password Please enter a password for your user account. Search Search for: The swelling likely will be warm and the area will be sensitive to touch. The NRC guidelines are a good place to start, but the growth and development of individual young horses must be monitored closely in order to prevent problems.


We're hard at work improving both our website and mobile app with even more useful features for horse owners. The prognosis is good if it is treated promptly because the condition occurs in young horses, where the potential for correction exists, until the epiphyses close.

In all animals, the motor unit of skeletal muscle consists of the motor neuron, the neuromuscular junction, and muscle fibers. Just how much of a cutback is involved will depend on the individual and the amount being fed.

Epiphysitis in Horses

This condition can be recognized by looking at the horse's fetlocks and pasterns. Some people have suggested that epiphysitis is an expression of osteochondrosis.

Another study defining the incidence of DOD in Thoroughbred horses was conducted in Ireland over a period of 18 months. Purslane Poisoning.

what causes epiphysitis in horses

Grain should be cut way back at first. May 15, 2015. Early treatment of the condition is a must so that permanent damage is prevented.

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If you need help recovering your existing account, please Contact Us. One investigation demonstrated a significant decrease in the incidence of physeal dysplasia when food intake was decreased by 7. I was initially told by my vet that I should have him on an alfalfa mix hay.

what causes epiphysitis in horses

We have dealt at some length with the role that diet can play in the development of epiphysitis. Tweets Follow ForanEquine.

Physitis/Epiphysitis in Foals. What is it?

Vitamin D supplements PO or parenteral are indicated, but the dosage must be monitored closely to avoid hypervitaminosis D. Cracking can then proceed in this retained cartilage to give a flap or fragment of cartilage that may contain bone. Dog Sitting. Your veterinarian will want to know the diet your horse has been having and will do an examination of your horse.