What bombshell did brandy drop about adrienne

what bombshell did brandy drop about adrienne

I really could have used some easing into this scene of the alien that is Yolanda sprinting up her palatial staircase like a madwoman, doing better push ups than Michelle Obama and just generally being a freak of a workout fiend with her trainer, Dr.

I'm not exactly sure how the eggs tied in here, to be honest. Then, Adrienne left RHOBH and didn't show up at the reunion, so these two were destined to never reconcile, because you can't do that sort of thing off camera, now can you? Then we were privileged to some more useless Yolanda-isms.

Adrienne Maloof's surrogacy secret revealed: The truth behind her catfight with Brandi Glanville

The Bravo network was forced to cut the scenes from the final edit of the show due to legal reasons. I'm shaking my head in disbelief right now. The pan to sister Kyle Richards ' face is classic.

what bombshell did brandy drop about adrienne

Paul and Adrienne say they are going to leave, but on the way out Paul tells Kyle why. She despises Brandi. No, gracias. S he claimed: We didn't see or hear what she said about Adrienne, although we later learned that it was the totally-not-shameful fact that Adrienne used a surrogate to give birth to her twin sons. But whatever Brandi said was edited out, so viewers have no idea what she divulged!

What Brandi Glanville Said About Adrienne Maloof Is FINALLY Revealed

Adrienne told the publication in December that she is extremely protective of her youngsters and did not want them featured in the series at all. New series promises 'explosions' in the run-up to Billie's wedding...

what bombshell did brandy drop about adrienne

Season 3 was not only memorable because it was notoriously Adrienne's last, but it also gave us one of the most explosive and enigmatic feuds in Real Housewives history between Adrienne and Brandi Glanville , the perennial troublemaker. There are lot of "you're a bitch" and "you're a liar" comments being thrown around until Paul and Adrienne leave the party.

what bombshell did brandy drop about adrienne

In case you need a refresher, here's why Adrienne and Brandi have a lot of issues to resolve. Stan Collymore opens up about his... Is it mine?! After we revealed how a minor prang led to a blizzard of nuisance...

'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Goes To War With Adrienne Maloof

So anyway, while Paul, Adrienne and Brandi screamed over each other about something we don't know yet now I'm getting mad about the editing again , Taylor, the domestic violence survivor, seemed to be quivering beside them, which made me sad. Meghan and Harry put on a VERY tactile display in Morocco as they head to a local market to pick up last-minute souvenirs Verne Troyer, Stanley Donen, Carol Channing and Sondra Locke are among those excluded from the in memoriam tribute at this year's Oscars Jodie Kidd commands attention in a sophisticated pink sequinned gown as she attends Dining with the Stars charity dinner Glam Prince Harry urges recycling firms to 'put more pressure' on big companies to help end plastic waste as Meghan praises Moroccan vendor Adriana Lima tucks into an In-N-Out burger at Oscars afterparty...

what bombshell did brandy drop about adrienne

For the selfish sake of our own entertainment, let's hope it's the latter.