Viewobject setwhereclauseparam example of application

This is the entity identified in the Source Usage dropdown list.

ADF BC: Fun with Bind Parameters – Part One – Complex Order By clauses

May 15. For example, in Figure 5-24 , the checkbox settings indicate that you'll be able to access a detail collection of rows from OrdersVO for the current row in PersonsVO , but not vice versa. For information about creating the diagram, see Section 4. Click OK. NAME,1,10 function introduced causes the original selected value of the Name attribute to be truncated.

viewobject setwhereclauseparam example of application

The Business Component Browser data model tree shows the view link instance that is actively coordinating the detail view object instance with the master view object instance. Font size: Select a navigation tab to open any editor page where you can adjust the SQL query, change the attribute names, add named bind variables, add UI controls hints, control Java generation options, and edit other settings.

How to set where clause programmatically in OAF?

The Association dropdown list shows you the name of the association that relates the selected secondary entity usage to the primary one. Figure 5-36 shows the global preference Enable declarative SQL for new objects set to enabled. When you select columns from tables joined by a foreign key, the query builder automatically determines the required join clause for you.

viewobject setwhereclauseparam example of application

The effective date of the row is set to the effective date. Section 27. For example, Figure 5-30 shows the destination accessor has been renamed from EmployeesView to StaffList. When you need to make changes to the static list table, double-click the view object in the Application Navigator to open the overview editor for the view object.

Changing the WHERE clause or VO Query at runtime in Oracle ADF

You can also modify the SQL statement of an existing entity-based view object in the view object overview editor. For example:. March 4.

viewobject setwhereclauseparam example of application

By default ViewObject augments where clause to existing sql code. You can define as many bind variables as you need.

Creating and Changing View Object Queries in Code

The problem occurs due to the mechanism that view objects use by default to apply additional runtime WHERE clauses on top of read-only queries. In addition to saving the view link component definition itself, JDeveloper also updates the XML definition of the source view object in the view link relationship to add information about the view link accessor you've defined. Support is currently Offline. Sign up using Facebook. July 1. The secondary reference entity usages will have a slightly different entry, including information about the association that relates it to the primary entity usage, like the entity usage shown in Example 5-0.