Squealing when heater is on

My belt squeals when my heater is on..

If not, next step is to see if I can get to the spindle bearing and spray some lube on it. Say Hello to User Taggingl - Click here to learn more! Thats because the noise IS coming from the fan motor. If the motor wa not under warranty, no way I would not try to lube.

Why Is My Furnace Blower Fan Squeaking?

Search Pontiac Firebird Questions. Asked by Dave Jan 20, 2015 at 12: It is more pronounced when I turn left. Best response is to replace the belt and give it a few weeks of operation.

I really wouldve like to have separated the fan from the motor but didnt want to break the fan....

squealing when heater is on

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squealing when heater is on

Thanked 660 Times in 524 Posts. Odd squealing noise when heat is on i just replaced the entire thing..

squealing when heater is on

Both times it was a real easy fix for the dealer. Originally Posted by Hyperlitebordr.

why does my car make squealing noises only with the heater on?

Odd squealing noise when heat is on hahaha i have that problem too.. So annoying. Be careful about adding belt dressing.

squealing when heater is on

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