Skyfall how did silva escape

Bond is on top of a train going very fast.

skyfall how did silva escape

Otherwise Eve Moneypenny could have, you know, shot the bad guy endlessly after she first hit James Bond on top of that train. Why was there no scene explaining how Bond survived?

Skyfall - Opening Scene: "Take the Shot" 007's "Death" (1080p)

MrBond Station S. In no way did she have to do it that way, as you pointed out, other than to create the cause and effect for the next situation.

skyfall how did silva escape

Yes you do. Q could've easily diverted the trail for just a few more days while Bond and Kincade had more time to prepare.

Yale Professor Comes Up With Theory To Explain A Fan Mystery In James Bond Flick 'Skyfall'

But this security concern is of no value to professional killer Patrice, he really WANTED to turn his back to the elevator — almost as much as the screenwriter WANTED him to turn his back to the elevator so James Bond could run up to him and jump under the elevator without him noticing. Bond is just told Patrice is there to do a 'job' - is he killing a an informant, or a political official? Unaddressed issue: I do think you cover the other points quite well, other than Silva's escape, which did seem to rely heavily on foreknowledge bordering on second sight.

Yale law professor Stephen L. Also what car does Bond drive when he tails Patrice in Shanghai?

How did Silva...

Sign In or Register to comment. Another query, which thankfully has nothing to do with tearing apart the plot holes of the film: Minor Plot Hole: November 2012 Posts: James Bond is a man that beats unbelievable odds.

skyfall how did silva escape

Did no one besides M and Tanner check the results of Bond's tests? I think that Dimitrios, the original owner in CR, is slimy and tacky enough to fit a classic car with weapons of death.

Was one of the guards in on it..? He's got skills if he really needs to utilise them, but I think after his cyanide incident he chilled out, content to sit behind a computer. We think Silva's not much of a fighter, but is it possible he's holding back some serious skills?

skyfall how did silva escape

Sure, it's kinda a stretch.