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Pass the thick end again across the front of the knot from left to right. If you're still struggling to learn how to tie a tie , you can get a larger poster size image of the best 18 tie knots along with step-by-step instructions when you grab my bestselling Men's Necktie Book on Amazon.

How to Tie the Windsor Knot

Related posts: The full Windsor knot. Each style sends a different message and suits a different shirt collar and neck. The Cafe Knot is a difficult one. Or casual approachability?

How To Tie A Tie Knot – Tying 18 Different Necktie Knots

The tie knot. Look at less formal business outfits. Want to signal power? This knot is the perfect choice for medium-width and thick ties. Bring the thick end horizontally across the front of the narrow end, and then pass it back horizontally behind the narrow end.

The Simple Oriental Knot: Don't try it until you're very familiar with the basics of how to tie a tie.

How to Tie the Simple Knot (Oriental Knot)

One subconscious signal can give this. The narrower shape is perfect for narrow spread collars and button-down collar dress shirts. Yet most men use one tie knot their entire lives. Now pass the thick end again behind the knot horizontally from right to left.


And there's more… I don't just show you all the cool ways to tie a tie and types of necktie knots, click here to view all of my Men's Style Amazon Bestsellers! Along with the Four-In-Hand knot, the Half Windsor is most suited to guys just beginning to learn how to tie a tie. Drape the tie around your collar with the seam facing inward and the thick end on your left, two or three inches lower than your desired finishing position.