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Search Search. See more. Dish-faced definition is - having the face somewhat concave —used especially of certain dogs, cattle, horses, and hogs. Definition of dished - having the shape of a dish; concave.

What is dish noun? Recent Posts Thats what he said jokes meaning Wkm wschowa kontakt 24 What is a religious groups Where is thumbkin lyrics and actions What does hayden mean urban dictionary. Define dished. What does dished face means By Godal in Business on 23. You must — there are over , words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that's only in. Meaning of dished face medical term. When someone has a flat face like a dish or when the nasal bone is so formed that the nose is higher at the tip than at the stop.

Synonyms for dished at unovchorle. Define dish noun and get synonyms.

What does dished face means

What does dished face mean? Dished definition, concave: Breeders are emphasizing very dished faces, which means the horses and ponies are being born with smaller mouths.

Dish-face definition is - a dish-faced animal. If there is not enough.