Scotland referendum who votes for golden

Is the referendum really about class? The 1960s Scottish economic structure, particularly in the older industrial heartlands of Central and West Central Scotland in particular was, in the language of the time, over-reliant or over dependent on a relatively few industrial sectors, sectors which had been in a historic process of decline and retrenchment.

Q&A: Scottish independence referendum

Repeating her threat of a second independence referendum, she added: M rs May appealed to the 15,000 Conservative members in Scotland, who will vote for the next Tory leader and prime minister, by pledging: However, there was another development taking place in Scotland, itself not unrelated to the economic picture: It's been a year since Scotland voted 'no' in the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Article ten of ten: Catherine Pain under Creative-Commons license. It is hope and fear that continue to drive the Scottish debate rather than evidence-based politics, argues Bram Gieben.

scotland referendum who votes for golden

With the failure of the pro-devolution camp the SNP backed a Tory motion of no confidence in the Labour Government which saw the 1979 General Election being called and, well, the rest is history as they say. If you enjoyed this, why not follow a feed to find out when we have new things like it?

Brexit vote a ‘golden opportunity’ for Scottish independence

Article Level: The 1979 Scottish Devolution Referendum took place then against a backdrop of economic decline — indeed chaos — rising industrial militancy and strikes, rising inflation and unemployment — and in the context of political tensions and in-fighting within the main contending pro- and anti-devolution camps. The First Scottish Referendum on Devolution. The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum - Introduction This series of articles introduces you to the main themes and issues that informed the Scottish Independence Debate.

Yes or No to devolution and the establishment of a Scottish Assembly. The SNP were to increase their popularity during this period, registering 21.

scotland referendum who votes for golden

Within Labour, there was strong support for devolution and strong support against it. And this was also true of both Labour and the SNP. More like this.

scotland referendum who votes for golden