Richard osullivan where is he now

As has been mentioned before, Richard will only allow family and very close friends to visit him.

richard osullivan where is he now

This was my first time watching you perform, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with your acting abilities!!! Wishing U only the best!!

richard osullivan where is he now

It's easy! Despite people talk about you getting older which we all do I hope you feel the richness of life inside your soul.

richard osullivan where is he now

I like many others have watched hime on the telly since I was a kid and realy miss him! There are at least three generations of people who would love to see you again...

richard osullivan where is he now

Anonymous 5 October 2013 at 19: Never tire of watching Robin's Nest re-runs. Cant wait to hear the theme tune again! Now I am a woman of 39 and just bought this old tv serials and found my old feelings again.

What Happened To Richard O'Sullivan?

I asked him about whether he would write his autobiography - someone else has asked the same thing on this site. Loved Me and My Girl, that voice of his is just lovely. I wish Mr O'Sullivan good health and happiness during his retirement days.

Britain was the centre of the universe then in those decades, and Richard was a wonderful product of those times.

richard osullivan where is he now

Dr Bingham was another fave. I remember as a boy playing cricket on Chiswick Common with him and his friend Jeremy Bullock, another child actor at the time.

Richard O'Sullivan

I've known him since 1970 when I wrote Dr. I had to go to see the police to tell them. Anonymous 30 April 2016 at 21: