Refugees in australia after ww2 what happened

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refugees in australia after ww2 what happened

Many citizens of east European states that were taken over by Communists also resisted repatriation. New ways of managing the results of conflict need to be implemented rather than hoik people out of refugee camps or accept anyone who makes it to Oz and says 'I'm a refugee'.

Technology can't make it rain. But it's weird that you seem to think it would be impossible for this country to accommodate an extra 20 000 people a month, seeing as how our annual migration intake is about 200 000 people.

European Refugee Movements After World War Two

Or maybe a shoe shine chair outside Parliament House, working for tips only. In any event, skilled migration is relatively popular not so much in the union movement. Many of the instructions are for specific people, concerning specific named groups who were the enemies of the Jews at the time.

refugees in australia after ww2 what happened

I suggest you should go and see for yourself, instead of listening to news services with an axe to grind. But many 'hard-core' refugees still remained in camps.

NO family migration unless the citizenships paid for Bonds should be put up to pay for any costs such as deportation in the event of criminal convictions Those wishing to bring in poor migrants eg those boat people that are deemed economic refugees, should not only place a bond but also go guarantors re Centrelink benefits This will not only slowly reduce our population but also please those that want cultural diversity.

The transformation in Australian society is the more amazing, given how Australians thought of themselves when the migration program began in 1945.

refugees in australia after ww2 what happened

As you say instead of engaging and understanding the fears that people have and talking about these the reaction of many is to brand people racist.

Please remember that many of the visa arrivals not only come here for economic reasons but safety from brutality,oppression ,corrupt governments..

Migrants were once welcomed - what happened?

Get the best migrants - including refugees, actually - before other countries pinch them! We had environmental degradation because of poor farming practices, gullying and erosion of topsoil. Is that really what you want? Now that we don't need them we'd prefer they were stopped at the door, turned upside down and shaken out for capital that we continue to enjoy extracting from their countries of origin while leaving them bankrupt and then kicked out!

Rhonda, Catholics might want to prevent gays from marrying, but in Islamic law gays must be stoned to death.

refugees in australia after ww2 what happened

You leftists have to decide weather you want to be taken seriously, or just be in the bottom of the garden carping at ordinary aussies that care about our future and environment. It's clear the major parties are playing to people's fears on immigration. The water restrictions cut crop production, but allowed essential flow to keep the river alive...