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Somehow he did with her according to his vow which he had not vowed. Here we are about 4000 years later talking about the great faith of Abraham as seen through this story. These stories are no less true just because they had human authors…historians recorded events that took place and this is the same thing for the Bible. In Judges 11 for example what sacrifice was actually made?

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I prayed for you as i read your post. Today it makes logic how we can see all things happening around the world, sitting in the secrets of our homes.

Bible Stories About Faith: 5 Great Scripture Summaries

In that case, allow me to present an alternate goal: Unless we place a zero, in mathematical logic, we can not proceed to make any further numbers. Do you believe in Napoleon?

random bible verse whole bible story

I believe in the immaculate conception and birth of Christ according to the scriptures. The mission of this site is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians.

random bible verse whole bible story

Until the time Jesus came, we had all kinds of long routs of attaining salvation. But humans did not take responsibility to plan for a system by which all the remains would be recollected to be sent back to the factories. If we visualize on a triangle, one corner is God another corner is Satan, then in the middle third corner Humans stand.

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If scientific and other physical phenomena are so difficult for man to understand in full, even the atheist would not expect to read the invincible God like A B C D.

The reason it is an example of faith is because Abraham loved Isaac a lot but he loved God more.

random bible verse whole bible story

You can not die and ask for a do over switch. The two of them and two other guys wake up early after Abraham is told to sacrifice his only son, they go on a three-day trek with a donkey to carry the stuff into the mountains. One of the example is plastics we created.

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Because we know there is something but our sensors are unable to capture it… then we are motivated to search and search… God enjoys those who seek, because more we seek, more we come to know about the greatness of the original scientist, the creator, who created everything, we as discoverers can praise Him more and more…. I am strongly inclined to believe that even if I died to find that I had a soul which went to be judged before God, I would not worship God as an abject slave.

random bible verse whole bible story

We do not argue the scriptures or debate God and scriptures with any one. For whose benefit do Christians bring glory to God?