Original doctor who cast of characters


You are here: Go ahead, make my day. She was a regular cast member from 1973 to 1976,...

original doctor who cast of characters

And this denies it the possibility of exploring other forms of inter-relationships between and within the sexes. Yet the way that this storyline was handled seemed to display a profound lack of confidence in the decision to cast Capaldi.

original doctor who cast of characters

And these characters were not juggling their travels with the Doctor and the demands of their everyday lives. Davies has it, spatial genetic multiplicity is a phenomenon that makes the Tenth Doctor and Rose giggle towards the end of the big New Who crossover episode Journey's End.

original doctor who cast of characters

In such moments we are cautioned not to judge people by how they appear or even behave on the outside, but to take the time to understand them from the inside. The casting of the 55 year-old Peter Capaldi was, however, not the only headline-grabbing cast-change this season.

The actors who played multiple roles in Doctor Who

Under no circumstances in a normal job would you understand it, it would be mind-blowing. Mark Harrison. Aug 14, 2014. While not entirely without its problems, this pairing offered a far more interesting range of interactions between the three primary cast members.

original doctor who cast of characters

Following her departure from Doctor Who... Whatever happens, we think this might be the sort of thing that bubbles under the stories in the Twelfth Doctor's era without drawing too much attention.

A fresh take on sports: In 1965, she appeared in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who as Katarina, a companion of the Doctor—who at that time was played by William... He came to prominence in films of the 1960s, and has been...


One of the Doctor's new companions is Yasmin Khan. Would it be too easy to speculate that it'll be similar to Clara's fairly recent multi-tasking in time and space, splintering herself into millions of lives in order to undo the damage inflicted by the Great Intelligence in The Name Of The Doctor?

original doctor who cast of characters

Her character's not an alien, but the Tenth Doctor never meets her face to face and she at least looks different enough that there was no need to explain away the similarity once Amy Pond was introduced.

In retrospect, that seems like a reasonable caveat.