Nuforce dda 100 what hi-fi 2016

Optoma NuForce DDA-120 review

Notes start and stop crisply, and instruments are clearly placed in the soundstage. Headphone and subwoofer users will need to add additional components to the signal chain. With a smooth top end, its speed and openness can be truly enthralling. The front panel has a display that shows input selected and volume levels.

NuForce DDA-100 Integrated Amplifier

Unless driven into clipping, I could not identify any additive colorations that I could attribute to the DDA-100. In contrast to that cluttered rear is the rather stark-looking front.

Particularly well suited for smaller floorstanders and compact speakers of medium-to-high sensitivity. Plus its build-quality is solid. Clear, precise vocals stand forward in the mix, and this unit leans a touch to the mid and upper registers, favouring them over low bass. Optoma HD50 review. Hats off to PS Audio for producing a latter-day receiver that any music lover or audiophile would surely enjoy—and that is small enough to tote in a handbag.

nuforce dda 100 what hi-fi 2016

There is minor veiling on top and just a little speed-bumping of transients and deeper bass pulses. Rather, its PWM power amplifier stage is modulated directly by the incoming signal, and the digital-to-analog conversion takes place at the speaker outputs.

Using the DAC-100 also supplied me with a line-level subwoofer feed if I needed one. At 50W into 8 ohms and 90W into 4 ohms, the Arcam also has plenty of power to rock out with most dynamic speakers.

nuforce dda 100 what hi-fi 2016

It has both analog and digital inputs, including Bluetooth to connect your smart phone. Includes a full-function remote and headphone jack.

nuforce dda 100 what hi-fi 2016

Soundstaging, however, is very good. It can play 176.

nuforce dda 100 what hi-fi 2016

The treble can lean towards brightness, so you should take care with partnering speakers to prevent this from entering into the realms of stridency — the Concept 20s are good partners in that respect.

The Sprout also serves as an analog preamp with built-in, passive eq, moving-magnet phonostage, and as a low-output-impedance headphone amplifier. The remote control lets you access some of the less frequently used adjustments, including tone controls.

2016 Editors’ Choice Awards: Integrated Amplifiers Under $1,000

The DDA-100 was my first encounter with a PWM amplifier, and I was impressed by its lack of coloration and the absence of electronic noise. That care having been taken, there is no denying the precision of the NuForce. For Neat, well-built unit Good number of inputs Clean, clear midrange. Locational cues were simply easier to decipher, as was all sonic information.

nuforce dda 100 what hi-fi 2016

What Hi-Fi? The bottom line was that for me, with current sources, the DDA-100 was sufficiently transparent and uncolored to be used as a reference device as long as it was mated with sufficiently sensitive and unproblematic transducers.