Negen intelligenties van howard gardner

Teachers, social workers, actors, and politicians all exhibit interpersonal intelligence. Norton and Company, Inc.

Multiple Intelligence Theory

This is the blog of Pedro De Bruyckere 1974 , an educational scientist. Musical Intelligence Musical intelligence is the capacity to discern pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone.

negen intelligenties van howard gardner

Another textbook study: Naturalist Intelligence Naturalist intelligence designates the human ability to discriminate among living things plants, animals as well as sensitivity to other features of the natural world clouds, rock configurations. Communication model by Albert Mehrabian October 14, 2013.

negen intelligenties van howard gardner

Below, you will find a number of examples for each type of intelligence. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new posts via email.

negen intelligenties van howard gardner

Psychologist, philosopher, counsellor, salesman and politician. After reading this article, you will have a basic understanding of the types of intelligence and how to apply this theory.

negen intelligenties van howard gardner

Architect, artist and engineer. If your visual-spatial intelligence is highly developed, good career choices include: Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (MI)

Individuals with high intrapersonal intelligence are aware of their own emotional conditions, feelings and motivations.

Caring for plants in class, caring for pets in class, sorting and classifying natural objects, such as leaves and stones, studying animal habitats, observing the natural environment or organising or participating in cleaning activities in parks. Intra-personal intelligence involves not only an appreciation of the self, but also of the human condition.

What do you believe are success factors that contribute to the practical application of this theory?

negen intelligenties van howard gardner

Social Learning Theory. You have entered an incorrect email address! I do understand this reasoning, but as we already discussed on this blog and in our book: