Mockingbird book how many pages

Product Details. She loves books. I don't think I want to go back to life without empathy. People who look past the differences and find out who someone really is. View all 9 comments. You can open and close books a million times and they stay the same.

My annoyance isn't necessarily who Caitlin is, but rather the fact that I never for one moment believe that I'm listening to a girl. Despite her lack of understanding others, Caitlin is remarkably intelligent and an incredible artist. I think those are the only two things it could be.

Like Mockingbird , Ms.

It is really interesting to see the world from Caitlin's perspective. With the help of a wise school counselor she also makes progress towards learning how to interact and socialize more appropriately with kids at school and other adults. And in her search for it, Caitlin discovers that the world may not be so black and white after all. This is a symbol for the way Caitlin views things throughout the story.

We also see things that Caitlin misses. Folks draw battle lines in the sand and declare that a book is either infinitely lovable and the greatest thing since sliced bread, or loathsome beyond belief, the words shaming the very paper they are printed upon.

I liked Anything But Typical better though because I think the author did a better job of helping me relate to the main character.

mockingbird book how many pages

Readers Also Enjoyed. Incredibly moving and poignant I use that word not as a cliche; I mean it with all my heart , Caitlin shows us a world that we mostly try to ignore.

It's necessary, don't get me wrong, but literature, to be great, needs more complexity and consternation and troubling questions and not just emotional solutions.

mockingbird book how many pages

The relationship between Caitlin and her father is poignant and impressive and when the chest is completed, there was quite an overwhelming feeling. At least I tried dipping my toe in empathy.

mockingbird book how many pages

Kathryn Erskine spent many years as a lawyer before realizing that she'd rather write things that people might actually enjoy reading. She has incredible skills of observation, and doesn't shy away from telling us everything—actions and gestures that she doesn't understand are not lost on us, and I felt it all the more.


I want to build something good and strong and beautiful. It still gets me, every time. Despite everything that happened, the community spirit is still there.

mockingbird book how many pages