Merriam howitzer caesar 155 mm artillery system

Nexter LG-1 mk III

All rights reserved. The latest 105mm LG1 Mk III being shown here is fitted with an inertial position and laying system, and the Top-Lite gun ballistic computer on the left side. The Caesar Sherpa 5 wheeled self-propelled howitzer Nexter Systems is equipped for the firing with, an artillery gun fire control system, with a computer in the cab and a remote information display at the rear of the gun, a three-axis gyrolaser inertial navigation unit, facilitating the setting up of the battery configuration and enabling automatic aiming and an automatic shell loading system.

Pembelian - FAQ. Fitted on a medium to long-range surveillance radar, this slip ring enables the transmission of a range of data. Barrel length. Vehicle is powered by an unspecified turbocharged diesel engine, developing around 400 hp.

Gun of the new artillery system remains without significant changes, however weapon control systems have been updated.

Companies Involved. GDP Network. Kebijakan Privasi. Sea Transportability Sea transportable with no preparation. The 8x8 version can carry almost twice more ammunition 30 rounds opposed to 18. Firing Rate 3 rounds in 15 seconds, 6 rounds in 1 minute.

Caesar 155mm Artillery System

Vehicle is also fitted with a central tyre inflation system. The first production Caesar system was delivered to the French Army in July 2008. It is based on the original CAESAR, which first appeared back in 1994 and was the first mass produced truck-mounted howitzer.

Technical Data. Caesar can fire conventional high-explosive HE or new-generation cargo rounds, which provide increased accuracy and terminal effectiveness. Komentar Terbaru.