Mens wedding band goes on what hand

When And How Men Should Wear Rings

Thumb rings have a slightly outlandish feel to people who come from conventional North American culture, but they're actually reasonably common world-wide.

A wedding band plus a pinky or middle finger ring can get quite crowded, both visually and physically, whereas a thumb ring gives everything some space.

mens wedding band goes on what hand

As far as symbolism goes, the right hand is generally seen as the "physical" hand — the active, dominant one that makes most of your gestures. Engagement and wedding rings are more than beautiful, sparkling pieces of jewelry. The Forevermark Promise. Denicia Crutcher April 9, 2018 - 12: Stay Social.

mens wedding band goes on what hand

With this, you may wonder what happens to your engagement ring? From choosing the right ring size, to the perfect diamond engagement ring, or just simply how to care for your diamond; be inspired.

However, just as the ring finger on the left hand signifies love, fidelity and monogamy, the ring finger on the right hand has also developed a code of its own.

Which finger should I wear my engagement ring on?

By wearing the heirloom on the right hand, the wearer can be constantly reminded of tradition, family values and the importance of intergenerational connections. In most societies a thumb ring on a man is a sign of wealth or influence, and they tend to be broad or bulky to reflect that also to fit comfortably on the thumb, of course.

mens wedding band goes on what hand

The Forevermark Journey Discover. Those are based, unsurprisingly, on a right-hander's view of the world.

How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

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mens wedding band goes on what hand

Book An Appointment Today. View All Necklaces. The second solidifies the promise. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it.

Men's Wedding Bands - Which Width Is Right For You?

There are no rules for most faiths on how to wear wedding rings. The astrological association for the pointer finger is Jupiter, which symbolizes power, leadership, and authority.

mens wedding band goes on what hand

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