Major decisions in fallout 4 how repair

Fallout 4: how to get the best ending

Next up is Desmonda's face and handful on mininukes. Salem - Sector 3. They're not burying New Vegas, it's on the West Coast. Last edited by Tesityr ; 14 Sep, 2018 4: Otherwise they won't achive the re-ascension of the life in the wastes.

12 things in Fallout 4 they don't tell you – but you really need to know

Well shit, I guess war was inevitable with the BoS. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Yeah yeah, I know you talked about this, but holy shit, it's just happening without any fanfare at all.

This graph shows you how your choice of faction affects the endings.

major decisions in fallout 4 how repair

Its not like Eden told anyone else about his plan to sabotage the purifier either so all anyone was ever planning was exactly what happened in the end. Is it get the minutemen down here to spread the word that were not gon-- there's nothing...? Erock Follow Forum Posts: Their issue of not being very good at dealing with "choice" rears its head again.

major decisions in fallout 4 how repair

Well, I'm not gonna kill her. Oh and folks are really going to appreciate that nuclear fallout, it was almost getting too comfortable to live in the city.

The SETUP is fantastic, and when you don't do the main quest, the atmosphere and paranoia are fantastic. DedBeet Follow Forum Posts: At all.

You have to spend so much on perks and stats geared to making meleeing things even slightly worthwhile and even then you're one Super Mutant Suicider the worst enemy ever freaking conceived from a stain on the Commonwealth. So my main takeaway from this thread is that what Bethesda have done, instead of building on the legacy of fallout or in any way trying to capture what made it great, is taken an iconic phrase from the series, and run it into the ground for the sake of some hack proselytizing?

I really, really enjoyed Fallout 3's DLC, so here's to that.

major decisions in fallout 4 how repair

How do I choose an ending? It could very well be part of a side-quest I haven't yet found, but it is a bit disorienting that no one seems to care.

major decisions in fallout 4 how repair