Majnu morshed chowdhury origin

One of the prominent scholars of the time, rajendralal mitra 1822-1891 , used to write mostly in english but also contributed in Bangla to the monthly journals Vividhartha Samgraha 1851 , Rahasyasandarva 1851 and Vividhartha Samgraha Sandarva 1863.

majnu morshed chowdhury origin

Muzammil became famous mainly for his three poetic works: The interest in puthi literature grew at this time as researchers delved into the medieval past of Bangla literature. Donagazi's Saifulmuluk Badiuzzamal mid-16th century is written in simple language and reveals the influence of Prakrit.

Mir Mosharraf Hossain wrote nearly 30 books including novels, plays, satire , poetry, musical plays, and essays. A large section of the patriotic middle class who took part in the liberation war got frustrated at the country's economic, social and political conditions.

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Among other poets of the time, surendranath majumder 1838-1878 became famous for his poem Mahila. Premendra Mitra 1904-1988 was an adroit short story writer, using language skilfully to convey his themes and create characters. Quite a few of his novels show his deliberate attempts at employing Freudian theories.

Humayun Ahmed's Nandita Narake 1972 and Shabkhanil Karagar 1973 depict the static state of the life of the middle class and their frustrations and loneliness. Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay's work is distinguished by descriptions of the domestic life of rural Bangladesh and its scenic beauty. Poetry Even in this phase some poets used Islam as the primary inspiration of their work.

majnu morshed chowdhury origin

Among other writers who contributed to the development of prose was bhudev mukhopadhyay 1827-94 , who wrote on society, education, history, science, and religion. Kavigan also became popular among the urban people. In writing Krishnakumari, Madhusudan ignored eastern dramatic rules and used western ones. Abdullah Al-Mamun established himself through his play Subachan Nirbasane. Kali Prasanna Singh brought Bangla even closer to people by using the colloquial language of Kolkata and its surrounding areas in his writings.

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The six and latest phase is the Bangladesh phase. Arakan became a tributary state of Gaud in 1430.


It was during the rule of Hussein Shah that some Bengali poets began composing lyrics in brajabuli. A number of books of short stories reflected the new country's social instability, a downturn in law and order, moral degradation of the youth and an overall breakdown in the sense of values.

majnu morshed chowdhury origin

Their poems depicted more faithfully the feelings of the masses than the pleasures and sorrows of individuals. However, he also wrote essays on philology and grammar, society and politics and philosophy. Most of his stories showed the ugly consequences of class struggle. Some other established prose writers of the time were Pratapchandra Ghosh 1845-1921 , Shibnath Shastri, Chandrashekhor Mukhopadhyay 1849-1911 , Haraprasad Sastri 1853-1931 , Damodar Mukhopadhyay, Shrishchandra Majumdar and Nagendranath Gupta 1861-1940.