Lumen houston cover charge wholesale

Definitely recommend as a small EDC. Low - 40 Lumens - 8 Hours 30 Min. Ultra-cool, and ultra-hip, Lumen is the newest in the city venue to embrace latest trend in the club scene: The light is so handy and quick to draw I find myself whipping it out in dark places instead of looking for a light switch. Cons not critical, but on turbo mode the light body gets really hot.


Then everything exploded, EDM electronic dance music and its grimier cousin dubstep came crashing into the mainstream with the strength of Guetta or Oakenfold's brain-busting beats, and Stereo Live found itself in the catbird seat, upgrading the sound and light systems to world-class status and effectively becoming a self-contained operation.

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All That Glitters 4 – New Years Eve Ball – Houston NYE Party

Multiple floors. Back to Shopping. As amazing as the EC11 is, it still requires a power source to function. Ends Thursday, February 28. Good sound. Dining tables, chairs, accessories, statement chandeliers and more to complete your dining room refresh.

Lumen Lounge

While the inside is a wee bit small, the outdoor patio provides enough room for a great crowd to strike up a great conversation, especially on days and nights when the weather fares well. Bathroom Bathroom Lighting Bathroom Furnishings. Remember Me. The IMR 18350 battery holds a substantial charge of 700 mAh and delivers the high current needed to produce the EC11's intense outputs. Red LED for low light is great. Lumen, as might be expected with known celebrity hangouts, is See-and-Be-Seen territory, so dress to impress.