Know what i m saying plies instagram

Plies' Recent Success Comes From Being His Most Authentic Self

So I used to just not say shit. They come to you? I pride myself on being principle driven. My situation is a little different. I value the waiter, the car valet. I just go with the flow. I just try to be a little more wise when it comes to making decisions and the people I have around me.

know what i m saying plies instagram

How would you say the people close to you describe you? In 2015, his Instagram account became a place for his explicit storytelling and comedy videos.

What role do your surroundings play? Ten minutes ago, a stylist flew in from town but I gave her my room.

know what i m saying plies instagram

I put that shit out. Photographer Sam Balaban.

So for me, my surroundings are a dangerous situation. However shit plays out is how it plays out. My principles are my principles and I believe in certain things. Even in the thick of the frenzy around his latest single, Plies remains committed to his closest audience with a tour of intimate club performances and unfiltered retellings of his scandalously comedic experiences. It was one of those unique situations.

I want to go out and party with all women.

Have you ever been nervous to approach a woman? It was just… musty. Do you think labels can still do that for artists? I believe in loyalty and being principle driven.

know what i m saying plies instagram

It was a moment and for that particular moment that was me feeling me. The Things I Carry: I made sure this time around that I took my time.

know what i m saying plies instagram

Coming from Fort Myers, I just knew white and black. It felt, not pressure, but I was kind of confused too.

know what i m saying plies instagram

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