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However, it is important to recognise that this duty also squarely precludes a party from misleading through half-truths, strategic omissions or careful phrasing. Market rent the best rent at which a property might reasonably be expected to be let with vacant possession in the open market, with a willing landlord and tenant, taking full account of all terms of the lease offered Marriage value latent value which the merger of two or more interests in land would release Mesne landlord an intermediate landlord Open market rent review where the rent review clause provides that the rent on review should be based on the open market rent prevailing for new lettings Prelet property developments that have been let to tenants on long or short leases whilst the schemes are being planned or are under construction Premium the price an actual or prospective lessee pays to a lessor, usually in return for the rent being reduced to below what otherwise would be payable.

The solicitor cannot simply allow the client to make whatever affidavit of documents he thinks fit nor can he escape the responsibility of careful investigation or supervision.


How these apply in each case will vary according to the rules, requirements and directions for preparing evidence, whether it involves the exchange of witness statements, proofs or affidavits, and the extent to which evidence may be given orally. Under rule 29. If you have a business in the Leeds area we are able to provide comprehensive assistance with money laundering and High Value Dealers and HMRC matters such as:. John specialises in Civil litigation including, Personal Injury claims, construction disputes, corporate and personal debt recovery, neighbour and boundary disputes and Employment cases both for claimant and defendant.

In the case of the Federal Court, this does not find expression in a single, neat statement in the rules, but it is clear from their collective effect. These obligations include taking proper steps to:.

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A client cannot be expected to realize the whole scope of that obligation without the aid and advice of his solicitor, who therefore has a peculiar duty in these matters as an officer of the Court carefully to investigate the position and as far as possible see that the order is complied with.

These obligations are reinforced by relevant professional rules for example, ASCR, r 21. AGS contacts For further information please contact the author or any of the lawyers listed below.

This means that you cannot sell the property without paying it off at the same time Mortgage Deed the mortgage deed is the document recording the Mortgage Mortgagee the person or organisation, usually a bank or building society lending the mortgage advance Mortgagor the borrower against whose property the money is borrowed Occupiers Consent any person over 17 living at the property but not signing the Mortgage Deed will be asked to consent to the Mortgage being taken out and agree to move out if the Mortgagee takes possession due to the default of the Mortgagor Planning Permission approval by the local authority to the building or change of use of a property or extension to an existing property Principal the amount of the loan on which interest is calculated Property Information Form this is a questionnaire about the property completed by the sellers.

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Court fees, experts fees, accident report fees, travelling expenses and investigation fees Energy Performance Certificate rates your home from A to G on how efficiently it uses energy. Witnessing affidavits It is important that, when lawyers administer oaths and affirmations, they do not take it lightly or as being more a matter of form than substance.

Previously available only when the debtor became insolvent, relief is now available on any debt unpaid for more than 6 months. The buyer can take possession of the property from the completion date Completion Statement a written calculation of all the income and payments due in respect of the transaction Conveyancing the legal work needed to buy and sell a property Deed of Covenant a document confirming an agreement to pay or do something or refrain from doing something Deed of Gift a document transferring the ownership of property from one person to another without any payment being made for it Deed of Postponement or Priority where a Mortgagee agrees to their mortgage ranking after another lender's mortgage Deeds the official documents confirming who owns a property for most properties, the deeds have been replaced electronic records held at The Land Registry.

The solicitor on the record cannot avoid or delegate their obligations to the court by having another person perform work for them, regardless of whether that person is an employee, a third party or client or a lawyer or non-lawyer. The conviction then appears on the offender's criminal record Crown Court the Crown Court deals with all crime committed or sent for trial by Magistrates Courts.

Judges have been saying over and over again that practitioners must be careful in preparing affidavits as they usually serve as the evidence-in-chief of the deponent. Ensuring witness understands the evidence The attesting witness should take proper steps to ensure that the deponent understands what is in an affidavit and their duty to be frank and truthful in the evidence it contains.

This judgment will differ according to the nature of the document for example, witnesses must have a significant involvement in the preparation of the contents of affidavits and counsel will ordinarily draft submissions and the nature of the case.

Independent expert determination differs from arbitration in that the independent expert is not confined to the evidence presented by the parties Indexation the regular adjustment of a rent in accordance with a specified index, eg the Retail Price Index Institutional lease the typical institutional lease has been developed in England since the 1960s to meet the requirements of the pension funds and insurance companies investing in property.