Import procedure in nigeria how can slum

Alteration of the ecosystem will influence insect habitat and their migration patterns, subsequently increasing the risk of infectious human diseases Sunday and Ajewole 2006. Responsible official: Skip to main content. Urban development in Lagos is taking place by conversion of coastal wetlands into urbanized communities which is a direct result of urban sprawl.

Garik Gutman Web master: Ajewole, 2006.

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City Data. Lagos experienced an influx of over 7 million people from 1990 to 2004.

import procedure in nigeria how can slum

Braimoha, A. The implementation of equal-access housing markets, educational resources, and employment services would decrease the occupancy of low-income, informal living standards that currently have negative impacts on water quality, public health, and biodiversity.

Future land use plans must take into account potential impacts on the transportation of natural resources as well foreign trade products.

import procedure in nigeria how can slum

Running the World's Cities. If the rate of growth of urbanization continues, the community will be forced to confront impacts on soil erosion, biodiversity, infrastructure demands, polarized demographics, and public health. Soil degradation will alter biogeochemical processes, such as rates of erosion, hydrological flows, and net primary production. In 1990 population was 7.

Urbanization in Lagos, Nigeria

Careless urbanization will lead to a biodiversity loss of coastal vegetation and the fish population. The world's fastest growing cities and urban areas from 2006 to 2020: By 2010, the population is projected to surpass 20 million Adelekan 2006. Critical Statistics: With regards to the shipping industry, 80 percent of Nigeria's imports and 70 percent of exports pass through Lagos ports City Data 2009. An unsustainable fish market would hinder the national the economy as well as international trade.

According to a World Bank Renewal Project, since 1981, the total estimated number of 'blighted-slum' communities has grown from 42 to almost 100, due to a lack of social services and housing development projects Adelekan 2006.

Sunday, O.

import procedure in nigeria how can slum

Urban development in Lagos without conservation strategies has the potential to increase the risk of wetland loss e. What is Next:

import procedure in nigeria how can slum