How to use lte sim globe

If you need data at one particular spot, ask locally which one to choose. Recharges loads are available all over the Philippines on every street corner. Globe Telecom has announced in summer 2018 that it has fully complied with a Memorandum Circular extending the validity of all prepaid load to one year. It's also given out on main incoming flights of Philippine Airlines for free as a promotion.

how to use lte sim globe

Minimum top-up value is P 15 plus a minimal fee of P 1-3 for the merchant. The Senate approved this bill in 2018 and SIM registration for new subscribers is now mandatory. For instance, on Boracay, Philippines' premier summer vacation spot, it's Smart.

As a bonus GigaSurf packages contain up to 1. Prepaid SIM cards come with a free initial 70 MB data volume allocation valid for 1 week and initial activity period is 2 months. You can add the same data packages from above. Surf Max packages for prepaid have a daily data cap of 800 MB, once this is exceeded, the "...

how to use lte sim globe

Smart and Globe will also have to 'show why they should have the privilege to keep their franchises despite the same'. Effective 5 July, all Globe prepaid load, including those with denominations below PHP 300, will carry a 1-year expiration period.


Start-up price is around 40 Pesos with 300 MB and another 700 MB when you top-up at least P 30 within 3 days of activation. Cancel Save.

how to use lte sim globe

The start-up price is minimal and you can always try which operator works better at your place. All data beyond packages will be charged by the default rate of P5 for a 15 mins or P2 per MB.

In 2018 a third national provider was selected to fight the duopoly of Smart and Globe: Data outside of packs is P5 per 15 minutes. While on Baguio City, the country's summer capital, it's mostly dominated by Globe and Smart's signal is weaker. For tourists they give out a special free Tourist SIM at all international airports of the country.


It's sold for 40 Pesos. Information page here: On 3G you only get data speeds comparably to other southeast Asian countries in Manila and a few provincial capitals.

Once expired you have 45 days to recharge the SIM before it will expire for good.

how to use lte sim globe

In 2017 the search for a third and possibly fourth operator is under way.