How to use auto-switch multi chargers

A single full-cycle lets the electronics accurately measure the battery capacity without having to guess about the battery condition.

I am skipping a few things, like the issues with whisker growth in nicads.

how to use auto-switch multi chargers

I know of several devices that have one string of multiple cells a battery and another equal string of multiple cells another battery. For more information on fusing please take a look at our Fusing Guide.

Auto turn off for battery charger

Why don't all devices use this? Many devices have "memory backup" batteries or such, but they're too feeble to run the device itself.

how to use auto-switch multi chargers

So current can flow from the alternator or other charging source, e. Why don't all devices do this? After plugging into the charger, go back to standard mode -- but if disconnected from the charger before the batteries are fully charged, go back to limp mode.

If all you want is a hot-swappable power supply and you have a bit of leeway for your inputs, you can connect backup battery to the anode of a diode, and connect the cathode to your main battery.

The contacts then open again at a pre-set lower threshold normally around 12.

how to use auto-switch multi chargers

This is useful to eliminate unwanted opening and closing of the relay due to momentary voltage fluctuations. With the battery at a lower voltage than the charging source, no current can flow from the battery to the rest of the electrical system because current will be flowing into the battery.

What is split charging? If your split charge device does not already have this facility then you might want to consider adding a manual battery switch to the circuit to by-pass the split charge device.

Requires connection to alternator or other part of vehicle electrical system which means tapping into factory wiring Moving contacts can wear out over time, leading to increased resistance and voltage drop Batteries cannot be combined for emergency engine start unless a bypass switch is fitted No 'intelligence' built into the relay. Split Charge Relay. They are relatively inexpensive, simple to fit and reliable.

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how to use auto-switch multi chargers

But once you have a second battery installed, how do you keep it charged up in the same way that the starter battery is? We would advise against using any system that is not capable of handling the maximum output of your charging source.

So the common solution is to fit one or more auxiliary batteries often referred to as leisure batteries in vehicles or house batteries on boats that are used purely to power those items not related to the starting of the engine.

Only when the voltage of the charging source exceeds that of the battery will charge start to flow into the battery. I see that Apple and other manufacturers recommend re-calibrating the battery by allowing it to completely discharge "every few months" support.

Split Charging Guide

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