How to stop golf ball going left

Practice hitting shorter shots aiming at the alignment stick, but importantly get the ball to start on a path to the right of the alignment stick. The key to stop pulling your golf shots is to learn how to control the starting line of your ball.

Pull Shots – How to Stop Pulling Golf Balls Left

In golf a pull — or a pulled shot — is one that sees the ball starting left of the target initially and continuing on straight that line, without lateral spin. But it's still a ball-flight problem you need to take care of to make that next step and become a scratch or near-scratch player.

If the finger wraps around the grip too much, the club tends to get loose at the top. Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism.

how to stop golf ball going left

Top 7 Golf Bags for Cart Riders. Getting Better: Teaching pro Rick Smith says a slow body turn is often the culprit when a player hits a hook.

What Causes Hooking the Golf Ball, and How to Stop it

Do you pull, tug, drag or yank the golf ball left of the target? In combination with an outside-in club path your clubface is most likely closed to the target at impact.

That's often a block.

how to stop golf ball going left

Golfers that pull golf shots regularly come over the top and drag the clubface across the line of the ball from top to bottom. In that move, the player swings the club down from the outside on a steep angle.

how to stop golf ball going left

In effect, the path the club takes must match the direction of the clubface. All rights reserved. Golf Swing Basics: Is your clubface closed at impact? Otherwise, it is possible that you are bent too low at address, either through excessive forward spine angle tilt or knee flex. Aiming right with those particular clubs will help your shots reach the target without changing your whole swing. If you are still pulling the ball something in your swing is causing you to wipe across the golf ball to create the pulled shot.

how to stop golf ball going left

The upper body obstructs or interferes with the club's path to the ball. Try this out in your backyard!

Are you pulling golf shots deep into trouble?

If you were used to seeing three knuckles on your left hand — in a strong grip — then try a few shots with a grip where you only see two. Indeed, in contrast to the inside-square-inside or inside-out club path, yours probably sees the club heading into impact from outside of the target line, crossing that target line and finally finishing inside of it during the follow through.

When your arms and hands get too active they release the clubhead too early and close the face which leads to lots of pulled shots. This should in turn make your right elbow point towards the ground.