How to squat correctly on smith machine

Alternatively, rest one foot on a bench behind you while doing squats to work your quads and glutes.

how to squat correctly on smith machine

Avoid doing deep squats with this machine so you don't injure your knees or back. While working out at your local gym, you may notice the Smith machine, a thick bar attached to two poles that moves up and down. Reverse the motion by driving through your heels and pressing your hips forward to return to the starting position.

Smith Machine Training Tip: Watch The Angles!

Stand in a Smith machine with a shoulder-width stance and the bar across your shoulders and traps. Do 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps. Next, push up from your heels to raise yourself back up, making sure to keep your back and core muscles tight to avoid injury.

Really easily, just do the free weight equivalent. Need Help?

Did this article help you? Then, raise yourself back up the starting position.

how to squat correctly on smith machine

Locking your arms and legs can lead to joint injury. Then, position yourself in front of the bar in a push-up position, with your feet just underneath the bar. They don't necessarily think about the movement path.

What's Wrong With Using The Smith Machine For Squats?

With the barbell, there is only one position — feet directly under the bar. Try shoulder presses to work your deltoids. Tighten your core as you bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the ground.

how to squat correctly on smith machine

But with an angled Smith machine, depending on which way you orient your body to the bar, you can either bench press up from your lower chest and back toward your head, or with your body facing the other direction relative to the angled posts, up and away from your face. Is there a problem with squatting with a Smith Machine and if so how can I solve it or compensate for it? Check that your back is straight as you squat.