How to shoot glass without reflection

Tips for Photographing Glassware on both Black and White Backgrounds

But there is still one more step — lighting up the liquid inside the bottle! If you want thinner highlights either angle the boards a little outward so no light spills onto the background , move them back a bit away from the glass, or cut them smaller. The other way to go is to pay a visit to your local art supply store and buy some poster boards. Then place it behind the bottle at angle to catch some of the light.

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Shoot Reflective Products Like a Pro With These DIY Lighting Setups

On the right it all comes together with the reflector in place for the label. Something was breaking the highlight, could have been the edge of the tent.

You can minimize or even eliminate reflections by using a double overhead lighting setup for shooting small metallic products like jewelry, pots and pans, and cutlery.

how to shoot glass without reflection

But you may also notice that the bottle contents are a bit lit up also. Connect the end of the sweep to the bottom of your camera lens to prevent foreground reflections. Backlighting is ideal for shooting clear or colored glass like bottles, wine glasses, or decorative glassware. About The Author Thomas Kragelund is the CEO and founder of Pixelz, a leading product image solutions partner for internet retailers, bloggers, designers, photographers and webmasters worldwide.

On the left image I have used one of the white boards in really close to the front of the bottle to reflect some light back onto the label.

Notice the little bottle shaped card is being held up with the glass, which does not appear in the shot. The white spots and reflections that can sometimes show up in photos of glass result mostly from the bounce of harsh direct light, so you can avoid those unsightly blemishes by softening your light source and making use of indirect light.

how to shoot glass without reflection

Free dropshipping training. Now it's your turn to be brave and give this a try. That was done with a board in front, reflecting light back onto the bottle.

how to shoot glass without reflection

Email Address Get lessons. Remember, indirect light for glassware will yield the nicest results. The highlights on the glass come entirely from reflections off the white cards. This is so they do not shine directly through the sides of the tent onto the bottle.

Clone out imperfections and check color accuracy. Back to Photoshop! That is because it has no light on it. The only difference in the setup is that I moved the lights back a bit more behind the tent in the right image. Check out the results below.

how to shoot glass without reflection