How to restringing a baseball glove

Starting at hole 1 on the front of the index finger, the lacing goes through the index finger of the glove and comes out on the back at hole 2. Thread the lace through the needle.

For this particular repair, the lacing had been pulled out of all four fingers and had been retied along the top to hold the fingers together.

By looking at another glove and probing the holes with the lacing needle to see where it came out, I was able to figure out a lacing order. How much lacing will you need? Share it with us! Or your kid has gone through his third glove of the season. Pull the lace far enough through so you can grab it with your fingers. But the lacing itself was intact so I reused the old lacing and saved the new lacing for another repair. Tighten up the lacing but don't over do it.

But the laces break or pull out through one of the holes? Insert the needle. Dark lines indicate paths where the lacing is outside the mitt. I Made It!

how to restringing a baseball glove

The lacing re-enters the glove at hole 3 and comes out the front of the glove on the middle finger at hole 4. Minecraft Class.

The lacing diagonally crosses over and re-enters the glove at hole 5.

Relace a Baseball Mitt

You will need this if you need to replace the lacing. Did you make this project? Pull the needle back through the hole along with the lace. It's not as painful as it sounds.

how to restringing a baseball glove

You may have to twist the tool back and forth and apply a little bit of force as you pull the lace through. The "back" part of the drawing is drawn as if you are able to look through the mitt.

If there is excess, cut it off but leave enough lace at the end so that it is easy enough to retie should it become loose again. If the lacing pattern is complicated, make a diagram.

how to restringing a baseball glove

Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 as many times as necessary. By angelmi Follow. If you want the lace to go from left to right, put the needle in from the right so that it comes out of the mitt on the left.