How to restore old toy cars

Pic 5: Grey primer was applied by aerosol can but first I filled the inside of the model with a carrier bag, pushed in through a cab window.

How to guide: Top 10 tips to help you restore your favourite diecast models

Right now I am using a Rustoleum professional primer... Some strange colours to match in the repaint stage.

You cannot reply to topics in this forum. Are you using a good metal primer before your decorative paint? You can get replacement luggage for the Fiat roof rack here if you want: View Basket.

how to restore old toy cars

No disrespect to the author, but this seems not to reflect the reality. Matchbox Major Packs: The interior was stuffed with some kind of yukky glue...

how to restore old toy cars

The fixing posts should take a screw of approx 1 - 1. Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, etc. I wondered if you had any recommendations on how I might improve the car's appearance short of re-plating.

Restoring metal antique toy cars

Oh bother. Best of British. Far easier than a Dremel, and far safer to the metal underneath. I'd like to remove the milky areas, but I have a feeling that won't be possible. I have some micro gloss liquid abrasive which will be my first trial, so wish me luck. The Nitromors arrived today 36 hours after the order was placed. Can you put ohmmeter leads across the bright areas and across the milky areas and ascertain what is conductive and what isn't?

how to restore old toy cars

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how to restore old toy cars