How to play sixteenth notes on drums

Play various rhythms on bongos How To: For more information, and to get started playing sixteenth notes yourself, watch this free video drummers' guide. Play MP3.

Play the "Four Sticks" groove on drums How to Play conga: Don't move on until you are truly ready for the next challenge. Do the behind the back pass with a mace How To: It can be quite difficult at first, but sound great when learned properly. Happily, the Internet is awash in video tutorials like this one. Hot Latest. We'll get into that more in future lessons.

how to play sixteenth notes on drums

All Content Copyright 2004 - 2012 Drum Lessons. Play an afro beat on bongos How To: If you are still interested in learning more about the drums, be sure to check out these drum lessons. Be sure you continue to count out loud as you first play through these grooves.

Play basic drum beat variations How To: Master the basics of the timbales How To: Build your own Xylophone All Hot Posts. Play the bossa nova drum beat How To: Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

how to play sixteenth notes on drums

Here you will receive all the necessary tools needed to have you playing like your favorite drummers! Regardless of your preferred style of music, if you want to be great, you'll need your head and hands on the same page. Play the dhol drum How To: Since this drum lesson is all about snare drum control - you can expect to see many more snare drum shots in all these beats. Tune the timbales All Features.

The first beat is fairly simple, and incorporates eighth and sixteenth notes.

Snare Drum Independence (sixteenth notes)

This beat is incredible powerful for snare drum control. Later, we will take what we've learned in the bass drum independence lessons, and combine it with these patterns to create advanced drum beats.

how to play sixteenth notes on drums

Do you wish you knew exactly what to practice in order to improve your drumming? As stated in previous lessons - moving forward before you are ready is far more likely to hinder your progress than help it.

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