How to paint model cars testors

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how to paint model cars testors

It must be disassembled to be cleaned, but provides finer atomization of the paint. So, this is a general overview. Testors Model Master No.

Build great scale models, Part 4

Constructing model cars is a fun and engaging hobby that's great for people of all ages. From the top: Enamel or acrylic? Continue to flatten out both sides so that they run vertically. An internal-mix airbrush draws paint inside the airbrush and through to the tip.

Wash your model car. Apply pressure to the trigger of the primer and try to get an even coat across the surface and interior of the model. In an internal-mix airbrush, paint is drawn into the brush and propelled through the tip.

how to paint model cars testors

Many modelers forgo primer in favor of applying as little paint as possible to preserve engraved details such as panel lines and hatches.

Continue to do this until the color reaches the deepness and richness that you desire.

Set your model car on a wire hanger. Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Primer will give all these materials the same receptive base coat for further painting.

how to paint model cars testors

This clears the nozzle; wipe away excess paint with a cotton swab dampened with thinner. A single-action brushes external-mix airbrush brings paint from the outside to the tip. Overlap each series of brush strokes to avoid going over partially dried paint, and keep your strokes to a minimum for the same reason — to let the paint level and dry without showing brush marks. Wipe it down with Testors Plastic-Prep, alcohol, or soapy water.

how to paint model cars testors