How to make a retractable bo staff

Collapsible Bo Staff 2.0: The Next Generation of Staff

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is the same staff you all know and love, just with a slight improvement. Not too much stronger, like you need to have a little bit more strength when you flick it open, like police batons, you really have to flick those out like you mean it.

how to make a retractable bo staff

I got it just yesterday and did some swings and spins. Due to its heavy weight it also gives you a great upper body workout, after doing 5 strikes of each type I was out of breathe. Don't think of this as a tool that might theoretically wear out after 100's or 1,000's of extensions and collapses. After all, how much more use would a staff that can convert into a 41 inch baton be?

how to make a retractable bo staff

Our sleepless nights are spent furiously scribbling notes and drawing diagrams on how to improve the products we make in our warehouse. On top of the awesome power of a telescoping bo staff, this martial arts training weapon is also a tapered bo staff, with thinner extensions connected to metal endcaps, giving our expandable staves extra speed and extra bite.

Also, Thanks for the great tutorial. I'd rather have an item that functions like this when I need it to.

Extendable / Telescoping Staff Lockout Mechanism

Good work, guys! I have NEVER had any company's customer service deem a product defective by a customer review and send a replacement. My problem with this is that it renders the piece useless to support a load along the axis of the staff. You can even like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see us post fun videos, such as the one above demonstrating how to close the Collapsible Bo Staff. Our ninja forges are now churning out nunchucks that glow in the dark! Hi Goshin.

how to make a retractable bo staff

A special internal mechanism will keep the end locked inside the handle until you use centrepital force to expand it again. Just remember that this is a deadly weapon, and when you feel the firmness of the rubber, the well balanced weight of this staff...

Karatemart shipped this item super fast.

how to make a retractable bo staff

Of course, you can still extend both ends in the same way. It appears that it can lock up tight enough to poke a hole in someone's chest!