How to make a pen vanish

With the pen clasped against your wrist, quickly very, very quickly thrust it into your sleeve.

how to make a pen vanish

Perform Criss Angel's Metamorphosis magic trick News: Do the Double Thumbaround pen spinning trick How To: Tell your audience, "Watch and learn!

On the third time, place the pen behind your ear. The counting is important to help you keep the timing exactly the same each time you raise your pen-holding hand. Perform Criss Angel's Metamorphosis magic trick News: Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1.

As you raise your hand for the third time, carefully and without losing a beat, place it behind your ear. The technique you will use is called the flip stick technique and we will go through the process so you can perform it well. Decide if you'd like to make the pen re appear. You can keep count, saying one, two, and then make it vanish on the third go. In this Article: Once it's in there, open up your hands, showing your flabbergasted audience that the pen is nowhere to be found.

There will be many times when the pen misses your sleeve and shoots up behind you, or when you snap the pen back at an awkward angle and it hangs down your hand.

Magic Trick - Make a Coin Disappear

Make a sponge ball disappear News: How To: Smugly show both sides of your hands and that the pen is nowhere to be found. You then gently tip the hand upwards so it falls into the sleeve making the pen vanish. Perform Criss Angel's fork bending magic trick How To: If you move them too far, you can wiggle around a bit to lower them before you vanish the pen.

how to make a pen vanish

Magically guess a random sentence from a book All Hot Posts. Push a cigarette through a coin trick How To: Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. For this method, you'll be using the "sleeving" technique — where the pen magically disappears...

how to make a pen vanish

The pen should be held out in front of you as if on display. Breathe huge fireballs with non toxic items How To: Just know that if you don't explain yourself, you could drive your friends a little crazy!