How to join the navy band great


See your local Navy Recruiter for more detailed information. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Yes, it is true that they have been severely downsized and DC must supplement the band, but they still get paid the same as any other DC premier band, and what people remain are still highly skilled professional, premier band musicians.

Certainly, if someone is interested in joining, I would encourage them to research all the services and then talk to their recruiter about what perks may or may not be available to them at this time.

Navy Music FAQ’s

Will I only play in marching band? There are definitely some military choruses as well as opportunities for soloists to perform with military bands. Those that have prior military service may be able to enlist after the age of 35.

Indian Navy Band performance at Beating Retreat, 2016.

However, if you accept a bonus or other incentive, it may require an additional year on your contract. Please note: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. As we acknowledge in the article though, the rules and benefits are certainly subject to change.

Most bands operate several different performing groups including big bands, contemporary music groups rock, country, pop, etc , brass and woodwind ensembles, ceremonial bands, jazz combos, and wind ensemble.

how to join the navy band great

Despite the downsides, a military music career is still a path worth considering. Couple of things the author should clear up IMHO 1.

how to join the navy band great

Normal enlistment is usually 4 years. As you advance in rank, you may be assigned collateral duties to help the band function, such as music librarian, administrative assistant, scheduling and operations, or supply. But as the former Proponent Sergeant Major for U. This article was written to provide a framework for why one might consider a career in the military bands, and based upon the experiences of those interviewed, these were some of the benefits.

how to join the navy band great

Some of the bands are on the road upwards of 100 days a year. She guided both undergraduate and graduate applicants through the admissions process, and also directed the Setnor Community Music Division.

At the audition, you will fill out an application and, of course, perform. What are the audition requirements? Navy Band in Washington, DC is the only band authorized to record and distribute recordings. Most of the individuals interviewed for this article pursue music as well as other activities outside of their military duties.